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Design and other ephemera

But only almost. I’ve long been a fan of the simplicity of a mattress and boxspring on the floor in place of an actual bed. Now that I live in a studio and my living room is in bedroom and vice versa, it’s more important than ever that my bed not occupy too much visual space. Placing it on the ground accomplishes that goal. While that corner of the room remains a work in progress, my version of an actual headboard will be arriving soon in the form of a set of large pillows I have commissioned my mother to make for me (we have a pretty sweet design collaboration going–I describe a product I need and she whips it up on her sewing machine. One of these days I shall seek  to be more self sufficient when it comes to textile projects. But not yet). Photos of those to come.

Those of you with actual beds on frames, perhaps even in actual bedrooms, should consider these beauties from Urban Outfitters. While the quality of their wares has been going down hill since the late 90’s, our friends at Urban can occassionally surprise us with their homewares. I like these tufted headboards for their slightly badass take on a traditional staple.


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