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Design and other ephemera

My senior year in college I lived in a group house legendary (or perhaps notorious would be a better word) for it’s legacy of fostering our campus’s punk community. Our basement served as the practice space for a number of bands and it wasn’t uncommon for us to use the excuse of needing money for the phone bill as a reason to host a few acts if we knew we could charge two bucks a head for a line-up of bands and a couple kegs of Nattie Bo. In fact, my fondest memory of my 21st birthday festivities is that of Bippy serenading me in a punk version of Happy Birthday (the only time I have not minded that song, actually).

Towards the end of the year, our landlord informed us that we would not be getting our security deposits back. This no doubt had something to do with the wear and tear of regularly hosting 200 rowdy college students, but also because he was famous for being a cheap bastard who couldn’t even be bothered to make routine maintenance calls. Being the angry, rebellious bourgeois college kids that we were, we decided to protest this development by covering the walls in our living room with graffiti. Indeed, scrawling childish complaints and random pieces of gossip became a favored past time over the last month of our college careers. Having grown up in a beautifully and tastefully decorated environment, the practice felt amazingly liberating.

This project here by Kellie of Scraplog (via Design Sponge) reminds me a bit of the Ministry House graffiti project, only in a way more beautiful and less destructive way.

Kudos to Kellie for not only seeing the possibilities hidden in a metalic magic marker, but in also having the balls to test drive her vision. So often, creative people sit around wondering “how that would look” (or maybe that’s just me) but it takes a good dose of courage and initiative to actually carry out such visions.

(Kellie’s impulsiveness here also reminds me a bit of all those times I’ve grabbed a box of hair dye in a fit of boredom and two hours later–ta tah: purple hair! Only not really, because this actually looks good)

While I am a total wimp when it comes to painting, I am having grand visions of a similar project in my apartment. I see purple walls and silver fish scale patterns.

I also see a very angry rental company whose idea of allowing residents to paint their apartments probably does not extend to dark colors and metallic graffiti.

Perhaps somewhere there’s a happy compromise. I will certainly keep you posted.

Note: While I know that this post would be greatly improved by images, my computer and WordPress are at odds over how that goal might be accomplished. Bear with me as I learn simple blogging software.


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