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Design and other ephemera

Several posts back, I mentioned that I was on a quest for decals to spruce up my walls. After writing off most of the ones at Blik, I decided to conduct an innocent Google search, which resulted in the discovery Samantha Haan Frame Wall Decals that about a million companies Samantha Haan Brocadeseem to design and manufacture wall decals. Overwhelmed, I did what I always do when overburdened by choices and weighed down by my own indecisiveness: I whined to my mother. A seasoned interior design obsessive in her own right, she confessed that her own search for decals had met a similar fate and the two of us were left to bemoan the market’s over-saturation of wall decals–many of which, I would like to add, are really pretty ugly.

My quest to perfect my living space is a never-ending battle against my own ability to make firm choices in areas relating to paint color, art selection and hanging and room layout. I have long been afflicted with this restlessness, and have come to believe that whatever plans I do eventual conjure will need to be defined by their adaptability more than anything else.

I had just about given up on the whole wall decal issue when I stumbled across Samantha Haan’s collection at Loxi. Unlike many others I have seen, her motifs manage to be elegant and whimsical without looking clunky or too cartoonish. While I cannot decide between the brocade set and the portraits set, I do feel a little less overwhelmed. I am also extremely grateful  to the site for approximating  how much room a set of decals might take up once applied to a wall, unlike Blik, which gives you a bunch of random measurements and expects you to figure it out on your own.


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