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Design and other ephemera

Not all of us are self-starters. Sometimes, what we need to grow our own brilliance is the genius of others. This isn’t something to feel bad about. As Oscar Wilde once said “Talent borrows, genius steals.” I believe Hegel might have had something to say on the matter as well.

Today hasn’t been half terrible on the creativity-front, and I feel that I owe this state of affairs to the following inspirations:

1.) Christopher Niemann’s Abstract City blog on This particular installment of Abstract City encompasses several key elements that I appreciate in humor: the tongue in cheek, the false boastfulness and the use of deceptively simple art. Enjoy.

2.) The Wilco channel on I admit that I am a bit late to the Wilco game. I blame this on the fact that I chose Yankee Foxtrot Hotel as my introductory album. I should have selected one that was a little more accessible.

3.) The frisbee-in-the-park bit on last night’s episode of Better Off Ted. While last week I was thinking that the show’s formula, wherin every week Veridian Dynamics reveals its heartless incompetence, and the main characters fulfill their various duties towards damage control, is a bit predictable, last night’s episode where Veronica attempts to mend her relationship with her father restored some of the show’s original magic. The frisbee scene in particular was perfect in its brevity and absurdity.

What’s inspiring you today?


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