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Design and other ephemera

While small-space living has its joys, there are some obvious pitfalls. In addition to the fact that one’s living room is often in one’s bedroom, one must also accept that space limitations will hinder one’s ability to amass more possessions. If you’re both a pack rat and a lover of well-designed objects (like me), this reality can be a sad one to accept.

So with that in mind, I am pleased to announce a new, semi-regular feature here at Settled.

“That’s Tight” will highlight objects that fall across my path that I would buy for myself if only I had the space. Who knows, perhaps one of you will take a similar liking to one of my discoveries and buy it for yourself. If that happens, you’ll have to then invite me over so I can visit it.

For my inaugural installment of “That’s Tight,” I bring to you this trunk from Miss Pixies. 100_7564_00I’m a sucker for typography and bold, graphic-looking design. This objects fulfills both, while inspiring the viewer to want to know more about Miss McCleeneder and whatever it was she had going on in Hartford, Conn. While trunks of course have myriad uses, this one in particular would be great for a sewer to store fabrics awaiting use in future projects. I could also see it as a toy chest for a kid with an especially rocking sense of style.

Hand Stenciled Trunk
Available at Miss Pixie’s
1624 14th Street, NW
Washington, D.C.
(202) 232.8171



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