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While I tend to think that the term “pretentious douchebag” is completely over-used in our day and age, there are times when it simply is the best means of conveying disgust for the practices of certain persons. Certain persons for instance, who use the term “curate” to describe the process of selection within a particular aesthetic. For instance, instead of saying that one had carefully chosen the objects in their magnifying glass collection that enables them to better gaze at their navels, one might instead claim that such pieces were curated. I, in turn, might roll my eyes.

I presume that these are the same people who use the word “text” when talking about movies and books.

The NYT recently shed light on this phenomenon, and I can only hope that the fact that they did means this trend is just about dead, which is what it typically means when the Times reports on a cultural development.

In the meantime, the best solution to this annoyingness  may be to deliberately overuse the term “curate” as to drain it of all meaning and impact. So until further notice, the process of grocery shopping will be known as “curating the selection of edibles in my refrigerator and cupboards.” Getting dressed in the morning will now be known as “curating my vestment.” Deciding which dude I should have dinner with on Friday will be known as “curating my collection of potential suitors.”

‘Cuz I’m nothing if not lofty.


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