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Design and other ephemera

There are a generous handful of things in this world that make me swoon. High ceilings. Scottish accents. Wainscoting. Men with excellent facial hair in flannel shirts. I am but putty in the presence of these influences. This week, I added another item to this list when I came across a post on Apartment Therapy about organizing books by color. Later that day, alone at home and suddenly itching to enact some quick home improvements, I of course decided to organize my own 100+ book collection by color. Three days later, a pile of books continues to fester on the floor, cluttering my path whenever I am presented with the need to walk across the room. Turns out the reality of such a project is a bit more complicated than the abstract concept. While I write this from work, a small part of me is dreading the prospect of returning home tonight to be confronted with the unresolved details of this unfortunate endeavor. But nothing impedes my ability to relax on the sofa at the end of an emotionally punishing week like a messy apartment. While most normal people, people not driven to bizarre projects based on quirky aesthetic biases, would probably do the smart thing and just arrange their literature by genre or author, I know in my heart that I will not rest until I have exhausted every possible means of successfully completing this endeavor. Some people control their lives by their food intake or by being really bossy. I insist on living beautifully. So, tonight I will focus on overcoming the challenges impeding this project. I will find a way to compensate for the fact that I seem to own over a dozen blue books, but only a handful of green ones. And no, I will not go out and buy more green books, as tempting of a fix as that might be. And when it is over, I will post a photo for all three of you loyal readers to appreciate. You will swoon along with me.

In the comments section, tell me how you organize your books. Or mock the frivolity of my current vision.


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