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Design and other ephemera

On March 14, two seemingly unrelated but much anticipated events will herald the advent of a new and much better season–clocks will “spring forward,” and Target’s collaboration with Liberty of London will debut in stores and online. I meanwhile, will be seated at my laptop, credit card in hand, in giddy anticipation of bedecking my home in as many of these elegant, splashy, beaux arts-inspired florals as possible. Bold words coming from a non-floral sorta gal, but my relationship with Liberty dates further back than my current decorating sensibility. Like my other life-long loves such as Blondie and decrepit British convertibles, this fascination was instilled in me during childhood by my mother, who fashioned many a sundress for me out of their fabrics, and would later go on to produce countless quilts composed mainly of their patterns. In fact, when the company decided to no longer sell fabric to U.S. stores,  dear mom began to stockpile, her guest room closet eventually coming to serve as a secret reserve of the stuff.

So it seems that my love of Liberty may in fact be genetic, or at the very least, conditioned from a very young age. While most floral patterns give me severe flashbacks to the insipid Laura Ashely dresses I wore for special occasions in the mid-80s, Liberty’s embody a slightly edgy,  mod aesthetic that I find uplifting, and even a little subversive. They look as if Mary Quant somehow got her hands on Victorian pen and ink drawings, and went crazy filling them in with as many crazy colors she could get her hands on.

So it seems strange to me that my life is basically Liberty-free at this point, but I suppose it’s for lack of access rather  than enthusiasm. I have, from time to time, contemplated having one of their patterns tattooed somewhere on my body, which seems a little um, extreme.

Instead, I will seize this opportunity to stock up on as many bowls and pillowcases as possible.


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