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A couple of days ago when I mentioned one ingredient banana ice cream, did you immediately think “Now that sounds way too good to be true.”

So did I. And guess what? We were right!

The dessert, which calls for peeling, slicing and freezing bananas, and then blending them until they resemble the dish’s name sake, does not, in any way, evoke the pleasures of good old-fashioned frozen cream, milk and sugar. Really, it just tasted like frozen bananas. I added crystalized ginger to mine, which just made me wish I was eating ginger ice cream. There’s only so much we can ask of our non-fat, no-sugar dessert replacements.

I also suppose that as somebody who hates bananas, I was doomed to dislike the fruits of this experiment from the start. Perhaps that also makes me an unfair critic.

What I do know, is that making and tasting this dish reinforced my philosophy about eating and indulgence.

That is, that it’s always best to eat a simple, balanced diet of whole, unprocessed foods, and that when you’re looking for something on the sweet side, limit the number of indulgences you allow yourself, and when you do, do it right.

Go for the good stuff.

If you want ice cream, eat ice cream. As a purist, I think that things like this are always best homemade, but as somebody who doesn’t have an ice cream maker, I get that homemade isn’t always possible. Still, if you’re typically going about things in a generally healthy and low-fat manner, the occasional bowl of real ice cream isn’t going to hurt you (unless there’s a medical condition or a food sensitivity going on). And if you’re like me, you’re going to enjoy it way more than some bowl of mushy, frozen fruit. So just eat the ice cream already.


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